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Based in Golden, Colorado, Centers for Spiritual Living™  is a global community comprised of more than 400 spiritual communities, teaching chapters, study groups and other ministries in 30 countries. These communities teach a New Thought philosophy that brings religion and science together and offers spiritual tools to transform personal lives and help make the world a better place. This is done through the study and practice of Science of Mind® and Spirit, also known as Religious Science®, which holds that all life is sacred—that each human being is an expression of God. We believe in Cause and Effect and teach that “it is done unto you as you believe.” In essence, our thinking and expectations create our reality. Our teachings incorporate the ancient wisdom of spiritual traditions through the ages. People of all spiritual paths — Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and others — are welcome in our communities. We help people experience a personal relationship with the creator; promote a community of tolerance, understanding and respect; provide classes, programs, prayer and meditation; and advocate a safe spiritual community of like-minded people interested in living a spiritual life.


Centers for Spiritual Living Spiritual Leader


As Spiritual Leader for Centers for Spiritual Living, Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen is the public face of Centers for Spiritual Living. Edward Viljoen (pronounced full-YOON) lives in the beautiful Sonoma County wine country with his husband, Kevin. Edward leads spiritual retreats worldwide and is a prolific author of published spiritual articles and books (Penguin Random House, Saint Martin's Press.) Edward received two honorary doctorate degrees from Centers for Spiritual Living, and in 2018, he was awarded our movement's cherished Ernest Holmes Award for exemplary demonstration of Dr. Holmes's teachings.

Edward started his spiritual journey in the 1980s with Science of Mind classes in Hollywood, California, and is Santa Rosa's 26-year senior minister. Edward is passionate about education and is well-known for sharing his curriculum and organizational resources with ministers nationwide. He served on the Minister's Ongoing Education Conference for 18 years, and, moved to provide spiritual support for peace officers in the tumultuous 1990s, Edward became a Law Enforcement Chaplain.

Edward was the Chair of the Transition Team that ushered the United Church of Religious Science into a new organization model and a new way of being. As a member of our Cultural Integrity and Evolution Committee, Edward initiated a movement-wide values audit and created the annual grassroots themes program. While leading a thriving Center in Santa Rosa, he served on the Spiritually Motivated Social Engagement Committee, Honorary Doctorate Committee, International Board of Trustees, and Asilomar Committee.

Dr. Viljoen speaks with Dr. Deepak Chopra


In The Name of Love

Watch how Centers of Spiritual Living from different cities around the world sing the song "In The Name of Love". Featuring Centers from: Dallas, Israel, Ukraine, Kenya, India, Asheville, South Surrey, Winnipeg, Beaumont, Simi Valley, Greater Boston, Dothan, Golden, Reno, St. Burien, Las Vegas, Napa, Kailua, Campbell River, Orlando, Redondo Beach, Yuma, India, Royal Oak, Riverside, Nashville, San Jose, Apple Valley, Downey, and Parker.

Music & Lyrics by Gary Lynn Floyd and Jami Lula

Science of Mind Archive and Library


The Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization. Its mission is to locate, organize, preserve, and share records, resources, materials, and documents that support the activities and expressions of Science of Mind®.

The archives and library is located in beautiful Golden, CO where we occupy a designated leased space within the international headquarters for the Centers for Spiritual Living. This facility is secure and climate controlled to ensure our precious documents and artifacts are preserved.

The library has approximately 12,000 volumes of new and rare books by metaphysical authors, great theologians, and popular self-help authors. It is one of the largest collections of metaphysical books in the United States. We are constantly adding materials today...for the history of tomorrow. For more information, click here.

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