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• We are a healthy, effective organization honoring and respecting each other and all of creation.

• We are known for the love that we share throughout our community and the world.

• We stand together in a shared commitment and devotion to our spiritual principles, practices, and values.

• We are all in this Life together and we include everyone in our vision of a peaceful, loving world.

• We embrace the evolution and revelation of higher consciousness.

• We are prayerful and principled in our decision-making and actions.

• We practice the spiritual tools put forward by our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, in The Science of Mind, and by other spiritual leaders and mystics who teach and apply truth principles for our individual lives.



• We are open, receptive, and welcoming of all people, all faiths, and all paths to God.

• We are a community empowered with the realization of unity and wholeness, from which flows the ultimate healing power of forgiveness and love.



• We perceive the world with an understanding of the wholeness of all life and all things not as a place to fix.

• We strive to assist individuals in their own evolutionary awakening process; we encourage all of our members to live courageous, fearless lives, and to be passionate about life and its possibilities.

• We are meaningfully involved with service to the world. As an organization we are a global community that embraces peace, love, and compassion.

• We serve as a voice for the universal attributes of peace, love, beauty, joy, abundance, light, and power.

• We teach spiritual solutions and practices to address the everyday challenges of life.

• We are without doctrine or dogma and we are “open at the top.” We are receptive to new revelations of truth. Our growth is guided by a continuous sensitivity to the unfolding vision for our community.

• We are one community with many locations. Every center/centre, church, group, and aspect of Centers for Spiritual Living serves as a point of inspiration and dynamic influence for our shared vision. We express this vision through compassionate service to our Member Communities and to the world.

• We embrace and support the experience of shared leadership and we welcome the gifted, talented, and committed into meaningful influence and service. We are an open system that encourages participation of qualified individuals or groups in all ministries, programs, and processes of governance. We offer direct involvement to those who have the appropriate motivation, talents, and gifts.

• We value the constituencies within our extended community, expecting each to have a voice and place in our expansion, and empowering them to contribute to the evolution of Centers for Spiritual Living.

• Our intention is that our rich expression as spiritual community cultivates leaders. Our goal is to generate an abundance of spiritual leaders to assist in the spiritual evolution of humanity.

• We practice clear standards of conduct based on our vision and aligned with our shared values and guiding principles, which are clearly articulated for ministers, practitioners, and lay members. We offer these standards as opportunities, rather than demands and requirements.

• Our mediation and peacemaking activities encourage the embracing of these standards, creating an environment in which honest reflection and growth are the norm.

• We are active in global programs and we form alliances with other organizations whose philosophies and missions parallel our own.


Our Guiding Principles are the truths, concepts, and ideas of our faith tradition, the Science of Mind. They guide our consciousness, thinking, behavior, and actions. They are the inner spiritual foundation of our personal and collective lives. They are where we stand, what we stand for, and what we live from.

  • We are motivated and moved by our spiritual understanding of the universal life force, from which everything and everyone emanates, that is within, through, and around us all.

  • We honor all the world’s great spiritual traditions.

  • We welcome all into the experience of our spiritual community.

  • Our Guiding Practices are the spiritual practices and consciousness-elevating techniques which allow us to live from our inner being of Divine wholeness and to be a beneficial presence in the world.

  • They include spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer), visioning, the Co-Creation Process, meditation, mindfulness, sacred service, spiritual education, and the principle and practice of tithing/committed-giving.

  • Our Guiding Processes are personal and collective ways of functioning across our spiritual community that support the realization and revelation of our intentions to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence and create a world that works for everyone.

  • Open Communication: Information, intuition, and insights flow openly and dynamically through the Organization, enhancing creativity, engendering a sense of inclusion and nurturing the efficient resolution of misunderstandings.

  • Accountability and Teamwork: We are consistently accountable for our commitments, actions, and all-inclusive participation. At all levels, we work together to achieve our vision and to develop an ever richer, more involved and impactful local and global community.


We are a welcoming Sanctuary Community where all are accepted, valued and supported in the global family.


We inspire personal and global transformation through the teachings of Science of Mind


In joy and love we connect in service to all life.

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