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What is Visioning?

Visioning is letting your Higher Self guide you to the process of answering any question.


Here's what Dr. Michael Beckwith has to say about visioning:

“As far as a very basic description, you first center yourself through meditation or contemplative prayer in which you commune with the Ineffable, activating a field of unconditional love. Once your consciousness is open and receptive, you place questions before your higher Self: What is the highest vision for my life? What must I become in order to manifest this vision?  What qualities must I cultivate?  What qualities must I release?  What talents, gifts, skills and qualities do I already possess that will serve this vision?  Then follows a deep listening with an open heart, pushing away nothing that arises or judging it. This practice can be effectively applied in all aspects of one’s life".                                                                                                                                                              Dr. Michael Beckwith


Come and vision with us 

Join us the first Tuesday of every month as we come together and vision for a better world.

Due to the pandemic, all visioning sessions are being held via Zoom until further notice. We start promptly at 6:30pm and go for no more than one hour.


What is Meditation?

Meditation has been defined as a practice to train attention and awareness, to achieve a mentally clear, and emotionally calm and stable state. There are numerous types of meditation and numerous ways to meditate. The good news is that once you set the intention to meditate, you cannot do it wrong. There is significant research indicating that meditation may reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain, and also enhance peace, perception, self-concept, and well-being. 

The "box meditation" technique is  perhaps the easiest for the beginner to establish as a meditation routine. With this technique the participant sits in a quiet place and closes their eyes. Then, the participant inhales for a count of 5, then holds their breath for a count of 5, then exhales for a count of 5, and then holds their breath for a count of 5. This is repeated for as long as the participant wants. As the participant does the meditation, an image of a "box" could be mentally drawn to distract the mind for any other thoughts that may arise. During the inhale, a vertical line going up is mentally drawn, while holding the breath a horizontal line (going to the right) is drawn, then during the exhale a vertical line going down is drawn, and while holding the breath, a horizontal line (going to the left) is drawn.

Check our class schedule to see when the next meditation class will be offered. 

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