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Rev. Sharon Dunn-Alberg, MA
Senior Minister

Rev. Sharon Dunn-Alberg became the Senior Minister and Spiritual Director of the Sacramento Center for Spiritual Living in April, 2015. She is a native Californian and has long been an active member of the Centers for Spiritual Living community.


She first attended the Santa Rosa center in 1994, where Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen became her first teacher. Rev. Sharon was initially licensed as a Practitioner in 2001 and after moving to Oakland, she became the Pastoral Care Director for the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living for eleven years. There she created a Pastoral Care educational model for the global community of Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL).


In 2008, she began her ministerial training, commuting to the Santa Rosa Campus of the Holmes Institute. She graduated in 2011 with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies. In 2012, Rev. Sharon was licensed as a CSL minister and accepted the position of Staff Minister at the Oakland CSL, where she continued to lead the Pastoral Care program, the Practitioner team, workshops and teach classes, as well as step in to hold the community during the transition between Senior Ministers.



When in 2015 Rev. Sharon became the Senior Minister of what is now the Sacrament Center for Spiritual Living, her first  goal was to take us through the Affiliation process with CSL, which was completed in August, 2015. In January, 2016, we celebrated both her formal Installation and her Ordination. 


Rev. Sharon is the mother of three, two living children, and the beloved “Tutu” for two grandchildren and multiple nieces and nephews. She was widowed in 2018 after forty-five years of marriage and was blessed to be remarried in 2022 to Larry Alberg. Rev. Sharon has a welcoming spirit and a genuine love of people. She loves family and considers her spiritual community both an extension of her family and an essential priority in her ministry. Holding a consciousness of love, communication, honoring of diverse cultures, ethnicity, and ability is what she stands for.



Rev. Patricia VanWoerkom is a licensed and ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) and all CSL Ministers are always Practitioners first, foremost, and we love to pray on your requests. Science of Mind has been the core of her spiritual path for 30+ years. She’s still is as excited about learning and sharing these ideas now as when she walked into her first RSI church in Monterey. She encourages everyone to come and join the conversation.

Rev. Patricia VanWoerkom


Reverend Debbie Putnam, RScP is a newly minted minister affiliated with the Emerson Institute. A graduate of Stanford University, Debbie officially received her “Minister of Religious Science” credential from the Emerson Theological Institute on August 2, 2021. She became a licensed Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner in 2013.  


Debbie has a husband and four adult children who are incredibly loving and supportive, and family is one of her passions. She also enjoys friends, nature, and writing novels. Her mission is to empower people to transform their lives, creating a world of Joy and Love—and to live these principles in her own life, every day.

Rev. Debbie Putnam, RScP
Lead Practitioner


Linda first discovered Science of Mind in 2015. The teachings deeply resonated with her soul. She took the first class offered and did not stop, leading her to become a Licensed Practitioner in 2019. Science of Mind teachings infuse all areas of her life. This passion led her to discover Heart-Centered Living, which she offers during open Wisdom Wednesdays.  Linda has also served as both Vice President and President of the Board. In 2020 she listened to her heart and organized our Outreach Program, which is active in our local community.

Linda Connolly, RScP


Margie Lueckfeld retired in 2003 and lives in Cameron Park, CA.  She was married to her high school sweetheart, Jerry (Luker) Lueckfeld, who made his Divine Transition June of 2018.  They have three children and two granddaughters. In 1983 she found the Church of Religious Science in the Bay Area and has been an active member since.  She joined MCSL, known as the Center for Creative Living in 1989.  She studied under Rev. Robin Davidson and has been a Professional Licensed Religious Science Practitioner since 2009. She has served on the Leadership Counsel at least six times and as Director of the Youth and Family Services.

Margie Lueckfeld, RScP


Max Overland, RScP is now an outreach Practitioner with the Sacramento Center for Spiritual Living (SCSL). He found Science of Mind in May of 2001 and felt right from the beginning that he found his Spiritual home. His life was transformed through the Science of Mind so much so that he decided to begin Practitioner Studies in 2008 and passed his licensing panels in 2011. Since that time he has served in many capacities, as well as taking on the role of Centers for Spiritual Living Region 3 Practitioner Support Coordinator. Additionally, Max was elected to the SCSL Board of Trustees in March and looks forward to participating in the vision, mission, purpose, and continued growth of his new spiritual home.


Max has a long resume, including his successful career with the Santa Clara Valley Water District for the past 14 years. Max is a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served from 1983-1988.  His hobby is cars and he spends countless hours reading about classic cars and watching car shows. Max lives in the Rose Garden area of San Jose with his wife, Rev. Susan, and their dog, Cara, a frisky Maltipoo.

Max Overland, RScP

Board of Trustees


Ruth Hall
- President / Treasurer -

HEAD SHOT 2024.jpg

Sharon Dunn-Alberg
- Senior Minister -


Max Overland
 - Vice President -

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Carol Unterseher
- Member at Large -

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Nicci Knapp
 - Secretary -

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Sue Kasper
- Member at Large -

Vision - Mission - Purpose


We are a welcoming Sanctuary Community where all are accepted, valued and supported in the global family.


We inspire personal and global transformation through the teachings of Science of Mind.


In joy and love we connect in service to all life.

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